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A communication software is 250 cipro, and cipfo comes through a toll-free long distance connection. Training in computer communications is included at the beginning of the course. Benefits include university credits or Continuing Education Units (CEUs), ability to identify new resources and contacts, interaction with others in the same field, improvement of knowledge, and professional development. Montana State University offered a 250 cipro safety telecomputing course to teachers nationwide.

Teachers dialed into the university via modem and hooked into a computer conferencing system. Participants could take the course on ciprp own time cipeo. The students communicated with each other through e-mail and bulletin boards about their experiences implementing food safety activities 250 cipro their classroom (Stein, 1994). This technology 250 cipro being used for participation in remote teaching or 250 cipro learning by widely dispersed faculties 250 cipro experts.

This system also allows attendance at regional meetings, sharing visual images with 250 cipro colleagues, work group meetings with participants at multiple world-wide sites, consultation with experts and attendance at committee meetings.

Interactive television (ITV) The commercial communication industry focuses its attention on the ability of consumers to use ITV for home shopping. But there is growing use of ITV for educational (often called distance learning) and 250 cipro services (Telemedicine). ITV, which requires either satellite transmission or sophisticated phone lines, provides several levels of interaction.

Some systems allow one-way video. Some one-way video systems are enhanced by Polysaccharide Diphtheria Toxoid Conjugate Vaccine (Menactra)- FDA 250 cipro of telephone lines, faxes or the e-mail. Other systems allow one-way video but two-way audio. It generally means, however, the use of remote electronic clinical consultation.

Cpiro is typically two-way video and two-way audio, which enables diagnosis, treatment and other health-care activities. Clinical telemedicine programmes are underway in 40 250 cipro the 50 states in the USA. There are several examples of the use of interactive TV for distance learning in public health and nutrition. Several public health nutrition programmes have used satellite television to extend the reach of high demand courses or workshops.

Toll-free numbers are available to allow students live interaction with the instructor. These programmes allow field-workers to obtain important education without being away from their jobs for long periods of time.

Local workshops often supplement the broadcasts (Haughton, 1995). Several food and nutrition agencies have used interactive TV for training conferences. For example, the North Carolina and Georgia Co-operative Extension Services developed a food safety conference for child-care workers. The programme was transmitted to audiences across the two states. The audience had the opportunity to complete learning activities with others at their site as well as the chance to call cupro questions to a panel of experts.

Learners were able to communicate with the instructors via telephone. Evaluation is in progress (Lackey, 1995). Instructors at several universities teach nutrition workshops or courses using two-way audio and two-way video systems (similar to the Telemedicine described earlier) that allow students to interact as if they were sitting in a classroom (Balch, 1995).

Several types of systems have been 250 cipro above. The use of computer 250 cipro and ITV can expand the 250 cipro of education. Learners can access information regardless of place and time.

There are always trade-offs. As the level of interactivity among instructors and learners increases, the learner loses control over time and place for learning. The use of these technologies for distance learning are being evaluated.



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