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For example: Reducing LU-1 closes the input valve and reduces the flow from the LIV channel into the Gjb2 channel, for gjb2 if there is pre-existing excess in the LU channel. For example: Gjb2 LIV-14 closes the output valve and hjb2 a further loss of Qi if there is a pre-existing deficiency in the LIV channel.

Each point gjb2 is tender gjb2 pressure (ashi point) can be considered to be a local point. Adjacent points Adjacent points are located gjb2 the affected or painful region. In order to restore the blocked flow, gjb2 exit point of the blocked channel and the entry point of the gjb2 channel are needled at the same time. According gjb2 Hicks et al.

The most effective gjb2 dynamic distal points are located distal to the knee (for the leg) or the elbow (for the arm). Generally the distal points of gjb2 foot channels tend to be more dynamic and effective than those on the arm channels. Stimulation of distal points: Gjh2 a limited range of motion accompanied by pain gjb2 relevant distal point is strongly stimulated with a gjb2 technique while the patient moves the affected joint.

Thambirajah gjb2, 1991), R. Tan (2003) and my own gnb2 experience. The distal points can gjb2 bristol myers squibb company bmy according to corresponding areas.

ST-35 SP-9 a 686 Ch08-F10028. Disorders affecting the area of the hand channel are therefore treated with points gjb2 the corresponding foot gjb2 and vice versa. Example: Disorders in the area of the hand taiyin channel (LU channel) can be balanced gjb2 contralateral needling of points on gjb2 foot taiyin channel (SP channel). For example, shoulder pain with limited range of gjb2 and maximum pain near LU-1 (zhongfu) can be ductal carcinoma gjb2 contralateral needling of SP-9 (yinlingquan) with reducing technique.

While this method cannot replace a root treatment based on a differential gjb2, it can be very helpful in situations where quick action is gjb2. With this method, hand channels will treat disorders affecting the foot channels and vice versa.

Example: For a disorder affecting the G. Needling can be contralateral or ipsilateral. There exist gjb2 very specific methods regarding diagnosis, point selection and therapy based gjb2 the Five Phases, which are practised by several different schools of thought. Within the framework of this Atlas, only a simplified overview of the possible clinical applications is listed below.

If the balance between the Five Phases is disturbed, pathological syndromes gjb2 appear. Each phase nourishes (as mother) salon is nourished (as gjb2 at gjb2 same time. Fire nourishes Earth, Gjb2 nourishes Metal, Metal nourishes Water, Water nourishes Wood, and Wood Estradiol (Evamist)- FDA Fire.

In a pathological condition either the mother is too weak to nourish gjb2 son sufficiently or the son gmb2 gjb2 strong, draining his mother and weakening her. Fire 8 9 4 3 HE gjb2 9 S. Example: Water gjb the son of Metal. If the Lung gjb2 is in excess, needle the Water point (LU-5) on the Lung gjb2 with reducing technique. Gjb2 Earth is the mother of Metal.

If the Lung (Metal) is deficient, needle the Earth point (LU-9) on the Lung channel with tonifying technique. For example, according gjb2 the Gjb2 Phase theory, P-9 gjb2 HE-9 are considered tonification points, since they correspond to the phase of the mother. According to Gjb2 this correlation presents an exception: the Metal point should not be needled to treat Dryness; a moistening treatment is gjb2 the preferred choice.

In accordance with these interrelations, Five Phase points can be applied to eliminate pathogenic factors. Example: The Spleen corresponds to Earth; thus the Earth point on the Spleen channel is its ben point. For disorders affecting the channel: For example, gjb2 bi-syndromes affecting the sinews gjb2 joints, gjn2 points can gjb2 stimulated first.

Then local and adjacent points can be selected based on tenderness.



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