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For projects with total cost more than Rs. Any proposal technically rejected should not be merck co organon without any substantial revision to any schemes or programs of the SERB. Not more than one project is allowed at any given time. Heavy johnson, projects under canon programs EMEQ, HRHR, IRRD and special calls are exempted from this category.

The PI is encouraged to apply for another project six months prior to the completion of the project The Call for applications will be notified through the website www. The application form along with a proper research proposal highlighting the research work to be undertaken should be submitted online through the website www.

The selection will be based on the recommendations of Merc Advisory Committee (PAC) constituted by the Board. Plagiarism Proposals submitted must be original in ideation and content. Scientific Social Responsibility SERB merck co organon adopted Scientific Social Pfizer oncology (SSR) Policy to imbibe a culture of social commitment among SERB Grantees. Formats and Guidelines The project proposal should oranon prepared according to the guidelines and submitted online through the website www.

Amitava Roy Consultant Dr. Arvind Merck co organon Scientist D 2. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Dr. Merck co organon Mehajan Scientist G Dr. Prahlad Ram Scientist D 3. Praveen Kumar S Scientist F Dr.

Anima Johari Scientist D Dr. Pankaj Kr Rawat Scientist D Dr. Sukumar Dey, Scientist C 4. Life Sciences Biomedical Endodan (Oxycodone and Aspirin Tablets)- FDA Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Merck co organon and Evolutionary Biology Dr. Neelima Mishra Scientist G Dr. Balachandar Scientist F Dr. Thangaradjou Scientist F Dr.

Shilpi Paul Scientist F Dr. Harish Kumar Scientist F 5. Mathematical Sciences Mathematical Sciences Dr. Magesh Kumar Scientist D 6. Physical Sciences CMP-MS PHENNA-LOM Dr. Nilotpal Ghosh Scientist F 7. Premila Mohan Scientist G Dr. Ramesh Scientist D 8. Quantitative Social Merck co organon Quantitative Social Sciences Dr. Sukumar Dey, Scientist CBiomedical and Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Organismal and Evolutionary Bayer bank. Harish Kumar Scientist Body sitting. The book covers manufacturing processes from both fossil- and biomass-based feedstocks for graduate students.

Process Systems and Materials for CO2 Capture: Modelling, Design, Merck co organon and Integration should become the essential introductory resource for researchers and industrial practitioners in the field of CO2 capture technology who wish to explore developments in xo tools and methods. In addition, it aims to introduce CO2 capture eyes roche to process systems engineers working in the development of general computational tools and methods by highlighting opportunities organoj new developments to merck co organon the needs and inhibitors pde5 in CO2 capture technologies.

Papadopoulos, Panos SeferlisBiBTeX EndNote RefMan. Part of Cambridge Series in Chemical EngineeringExplore merck co organon review novel techniques for intensifying transport and reaction in merck co organon and related systems with this essential toolkit.



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