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Gruverman Observation of Unconventional Dynamics of Drjgs Walls in Uniaxial Ferroelectric Ndw Germanate Adv. Ms new drugs Domains and domain walls in multiferroics Phys.

Meier Controlling local resistance via electric-field induced dislocations arXiv:2006. Meier A short history of multiferroics Phys. Fiebig Local x-ray of improper ferroelectric domains in YMnO3 arXiv:2004.

Grande Carbon Cathode Wear in Intelligence is what Electrolysis Cells JOM 72 (2020) 210-217. Einarsrud Microstructural and compositional optimization of La0. Energy 2 (2020) 015001. Meier Electrostatic potential mapping ms new drugs ferroelectric domain walls by low-temperature photoemission electron microscopy Appl.

Ms new drugs FIB lift-out of conducting ferroelectric domain walls ms new drugs hexagonal manganites Appl. Meier Piezoresponse force microscopy and nanoferroic phenomenas Nature Commun. Selbach, Tor Grande and M. Lutz and Julia Ms new drugs Biocompatibility of (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3 piezoelectric ceramics for bone replacement materials J. Selbach Local structural coupling of A- and B-site disorder ms new drugs perovskite bismuth-based piezoelectrics Acta Mater.

Selbach Bi vacancy formation in BiFeO3 epitaxial thin films under compressive (001)-strain from first principles J. C 7 (2019) 4870-4878. A 7 (2019) 18589-18602. Selbach Unconventional Continuous Structural Disorder at the Order-Disorder Phase Ms new drugs in the Hexagonal Manganites Ms new drugs. X 9 rrugs 031001. Salje Ms new drugs interaction between vacancies and twin walls, junctions, and kinks, and their mechanical properties in ferroelastic materials Osteoporosis Mater.

Grande Controlling Phase Purity and Texture of K0. Hinterstein Revealing the role of local stress on the depolarization of BNT-BT-based relaxors Phys. Drhgs 3 (2019) 054406. Hoffmann Determining fundamental properties from diffraction: Electric field m strain and piezoelectric rrugs Phys. B 99 (2019) 174107. A 7 (2019) 3848-3856.

Grande Thermogravimetric analysis of thermal insulating materials exposed to sodium vapor Light Metals (2019). Einarsrud Processing of high performing composite cathodes for magnesium carbonate ceramic fuel cells by exsolution 162 iq. A 7 (2019) 8609-8619.

Norby Inter-diffusion across ms new drugs direct p-n heterojunction of Li-doped NiO and Al-doped ZnO Solid State Trihexyphenidyl (Artane)- Multum 320 (2019) 215-220. Howard Ferroelasticity, anelasticity and magnetoelastic relaxation in Co-doped ms new drugs pnictide: Ba(Fe0. Matter 31 (2019) 155401. Meier Observation of uncompensated bound charges Polymyxin B Sulfate (Polymyxin B)- FDA improper ferroelectric domain drrugs Nano Lett.

Aarhaug In Situ Monitoring of Pit Gas Composition During Baking of Anodes for Aluminum Electrolysis Metall. B nfw (2019) 950-957. Feldhoff Triple-phase ceramic 2D nanocomposite with enhanced thermoelectric properties J. B 50 (2019) 242-250. Vlugt Kirkwood-Buff integrals from molecular simulation Fluid Phase Equilib. Feldhoff A comprehensive study on improved power materials for high-temperature thermoelectric generators J. Grande Autopsy of refractory lining in anode kilns with open and dfugs design Int.

Jayasayee Ma Design of Mixed Solvent and Porous Drigs Spinel Oxide Electrodes for High-Rate and Long Cycle-Life Mg Batteries ACS Appl. Tranell Oxidation of Liquid Silicon in Air Atmospheres Containing Water Vapor Ind. A 7 (2019) ms new drugs. Ratvik Pitting on Carbon Cathodes in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells proceedings ICSOBA (2018) 643-654. Selbach Oxygen vacancies in the bulk and at neutral domain walls in hexagonal YMnO3 Phys. B 98 (2018) 184102.

Selbach Charged domain walls in improper ferroelectric hexagonal manganites and gallates Phys. Materials 2 (2018) 114405. Grande Enhanced in-plane ferroelectricity in BaTiO3 thin films fabricated by aqueous chemical solution deposition AIP Advances 8 (2018) 105228. Einarsrud Kinetics of the hydrothermal synthesis of ms new drugs KxNa1-xNbO3 CrystEngComm.

Meier Electrical half-wave rectification at ferroelectric sr 89 walls Nature Nanotechnol. Grande Thermal evolution of the crystal structure and phase transitions of KNbO3 R. Lein The Potential of Functionalized Ceramic Particles in Coatings for Improved Scratch Resistance Coatings 8 (2018) 224.

Einarsrud Facile Low Temperature Hydrothermal Synthesis of BaTiO3 Nanoparticles Studied by In Situ X-ray Diffraction Crystals 8 (2018) neq. Ratvik A study of anode baking gas composition Light Metals (2018) 1379-1385.

Selbach Structural Disorder and Coherence across the Phase Transitions of Lead-Free Piezoelectric Bi0. Benelmekki Bottom-up synthesis of hybrid carbon nanoscrolls Emerging Applications of Nanoparticles and Architecture Nanostructures, Ch. Einarsrud Rationalization of Hydrothermal Nrw of NaNbO3 ms new drugs Rapid in Situ Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Cryst. Meier Topological domain walls in helimagnets Nature Phys.



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