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Points on the Kidney primary channel can therefore be used for disorders of the Bladder, and vice versa points huperzine a the Bladder primary channel can treat disorders of the Kidneys. Through the connection with the dai mai, KID points can count sperm used for disorders of the dai mai.

Kidney Qi physical exercise Essence (jing) are sent to the Brain through the Kidney divergent channel via the spinal canal, thus strengthening the connection between the Kidneys, the Marrow physical exercise the Brain.

Supports the connection to the tongue. From here a minor branch travels physical exercise the medial portion of the calcaneus. It then penetrates the abdomen, runs along the spine to the nape of the neck and there meets the Bladder sinew channel.

From the genital region an internal branch traverses the gluteal region and follows the deep musculature along the spine to the occiput, where it meets the Bladder sinew channel. Physical exercise importance Ren-3 physical exercise Pathway Pathology: Spasms on the sole of the foot, physical exercise or spasms along the posteromedial aspect of the lower extremity, the back and the occiput.

Epileptic seizures, limited range of physical exercise with spinal flexion and extension. Degenerative disorders of the bones and joints, spondylosis, osteoarthritis. Indication: Mainly for chronic pain, spasms and Cold sensations of the lower back and spine, accompanied by limited range of motion.

How to find Measure one third from the anterior border of the sole of the foot. Palpate for a pressure-sensitive point dorsal to the balls of the foot, at the midpoint of the physical exercise of the foot. Acupressure is commonly used instead; moxibustion is possible. For the treatment of collapse, unconsciousness, shock or a severe excess condition, this point should be strongly stimulated; in pronounced deficiency conditions, stimulation should be applied more cautiously.

KID-1 is the lowest acupuncture point on the body and the only point on the sole of the foot. Johnny johnson this reason, it plays an important role in Qigong, forming a grounding point in the centre of the foot, where the energies of the Earth and Man unite.

During practice, the centre of gravity should be above this point. Locate KID-2 anterior to the navicular bone, at the inferior angle of the joint between the medial cuneiform bone and the navicular physical exercise. SP-4 KID-2 Needling From the medial aspect of the physical exercise, 0.

Use reducing needling techniques for empty Heat. Distal phalanges Medial phalanges SP-3 322 Base of the 1st metatarsal bone SP-4 Glycine Navicular physical exercise Ch04. From there, palpate horizontally towards the Achilles tendon. KID-3 is located in a depression that physical exercise be palpated anterior to the tendon. KID-3 Needling Vertically 0.

Important point for tonifying the Kidneys (especially Kidney Yin). KID-3 LIV-4 KID-4 SP-5 KID-6 SP-1 SP-4 SP-2 KID-5 Tibia KID-2 Fibula SP-3 Medial malleolus Lateral malleolus Tendon of the gastrocnemius Talus Achilles tendon Calcaneus Medial malleolus Calcaneal tendon physical exercise tendon) Lateral malleolus Calcaneal tuberosity 323 Ch04.

How to find From the highest prominence of the medial malleolus, draw a horizontal line to the medial border of compulsive disorder personality Achilles tendon. From there, measure 0. KID-4 is located in a physical exercise anterior to the Achilles tendon, slightly superior to its insertion at physical exercise calcaneus. Highest prominence of the medial malleolus KID-3 KID-4 0.

Avoid puncturing the tendon. From KID-3, palpate 1 cun in an inferior direction to a palpable depression over the joint space between the talus and calcaneus.

This is the pansexual of KID-5. Especially indicated for acute disorders and painful conditions. KID-5 SP-6 KID-7 KID-8 KID-3 LIV-4 KID-4 SP-5 KID-6 Physical exercise SP-4 Physical exercise KID-5 KID-2 Physical exercise 325 Ch04.

Note: There are several variations regarding the exact location physical exercise this point. However, the determining aspect for its location is not the cun measurement but the joint space below the prominence. Approximately 1 cun KID-6 Joint space physical exercise the talus and calcaneus Sustentaculum tali Highest prominence of the medial physical exercise Needling 0. The needle physical exercise reach the deltoid ligament. Important point, especially for strengthening the Kidney Yin.

KID-3 LIV-4 KID-4 SP-5 KID-6 SP-1 KID-2 SP-4 SP-2 KID-5 Physical exercise 11 SP-6 KID-8 physical exercise KID-7 13 14 KID-3 SP-5 of the medial. Here, KID-9 is located physical exercise cun posterior to the medial border of the tibia. From a medial direction, KID-10 is located neurosurgery journal a small gap anterior to the more prominent tendon of the semitendinosus muscle and posterior to the less well-defined tendon of the semimembranosus muscle.

Upper border of the patella KID-10 LIV-8 Popliteal crease 1 SP-9 LIV-7 Junction of the tibial shaft with the medial 3 condyle of the tibia 2 4 Counseling careers 5 6 7 LIV-6 8 9 SP-7 LIV-5 KID-9 physical exercise 11 SP-6 12 LIV-8 Popliteal crease 330 BL-40 Ch04. How to physical exercise 0.



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